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Who Is The Paper Plane Mafia?

Teaching You How To Make A Paper Airplane

You’ve landed at the home of the Paper Plane Mafia, a group of dedicated Aerogamists like you who are fascinated by paper airplanes and the seemingly endless types and style. Aerogamist… what the….? OK, if there is such a thing as an Aerogamist we’d like to think of ourselves as such, but the point is we love paper airplanes. We aim to teach you how to make a paper airplane in more ways than you ever thought possible. What makes us different?

We welcome anyone to the family and we’re here for you… loyalty is everything. We invite our readers to share their own ideas, inventions and creations. Show us what you’ve made in photos or video and we’ll share it with the world, giving you credit, of course. The whole point is to learn and share, and that is exactly what we do. Everyone is welcome here so jump in. Even really cool origami is welcome if its something most people would be interested in. We allow Guest Posts from time to time, and the author is given full credit and a link back to their own site if they have one.

You’ll find that we regularly post new paper airplanes we’ve made, along with instructions and sometimes even a video. We rely on you, on our own experiences,  and we also scour the web and libraries for new planes to share. We may even invite active members to join our crew and help with posts and forum moderation, and even contests. That’s right, from time to time we’ll sponsor some really cool contests for our visitors, all the more reason to subscribe to our feed so you won’t miss anything. Don’t worry, we hate spam even more than you, so there won’t be any… Uncle Guido handles all of our spam problems, and he’s quite good at it.

Finally, we treat this site like a family, hence the name. Some might argue that “Mafia” is taking it too far, but in the end this is all about having fun with friends. We encourage everyone to join in on the discussion by commenting and sharing, and also by joining our forums. And please consider sharing our site with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest… its only with your support that we exist.

Grazie mille ~

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