How To Make A Paper Airplane

How To Make A Paper Airplane

How To Make A Paper AirplaneIn this tutorial you’ll learn how to make a paper airplane from one sheet of paper, in the basic Dart design. This paper plane is simple to make and it’s the one that most of grew up with… it’s the one everyone thinks about when you talk about creating paper airplanes.

The first thing you’ll notice is the design of this… the swept delta wing design has a very strong resemblance to the patented design from 1868 (see our page on the History of Paper Airplanes for more) and from which many people believe this particular plane was modeled after.

Why is this design still so popular, especially since there are many, many more styles out there, many of which look cooler and fly better? The simplicity of this plane has to have something to do with it; with nothing more than just a couple of basic folds this plane is ready to go. In the tutorial below you can clearly see how easy it is making this paper airplane.

For basic, fun competitions of distance flying, this is a great choice of paper airplane to fly because it really does go the distance. Here’s another great set of instructions on making paper airplanes.

How To Make A Paper Airplane

Classic Dart Instructions

  • Step 1 -- Start with a plain sheet of paper, 8 1/2 x 11″. Fold it in half lengthwise, form a crease.
  • Step 2 -- Now start as usual by folding one of the corners down until its edge lines up nicely with the center crease.
  • Step 3 -- Flip the plane over and fold the other corner over in the same way.
  • Step 4 -- Now you’re going to fold the wing over to the spine of the plane and crease the edge.
  • Step 5 -- Turn the plane onto the other side and fold that wing down in the same way.
  • Step 6 -- With this basic airplane we’re going to fold the wings over one more time, so go ahead (see photos).
  • Step 7 -- Flip the paper airplane and fold that side down in the same fashion.
  • Step 8 -- Now you’ve made a finished paper airplane like they did in 1900.
  • Step 9 -- Fly that thing!


The photos below will show you how to make a paper airplane using this design.

Now watch our YouTube video for an even better understanding of how to make this plane.

Paper Airplanes - How To Make Paper Airplanes - Easy Fold Instructions

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