How To Make A Paper Fighter Jet

I was looking for some cool paper planes and came across a video on how to make a paper fighter jet. It’s by Tadashi Mori and his YouTube video is on making the F15 Jet Fighter. With over 3 million views its clear that his is a popular tutorial. You can see the video below, and its clear to see that he knows his way around some paper!

It stands to reason if you’re making a plane like a paper fighter jet there’s some serious folds involved, but Tadashi makes it look so simple doesn’t he!

How To Make A Paper Fighter JetThere aren’t a lot of tutorials and guides out there on how to make a paper fighter jet, but I did find another one which looks like it could be fun to make. You can check out the instructions for the JFK-188 over at I just wish 1) they wouldn’t use cartoon music (I keep expecting to see Bugs Bunny pop out. And 2) that they wouldn’t scroll huge text over the entire screen while he’s still showing the folds, which are pretty intrinsic.

How To Make A Paper Fighter Jet That Flies

One thing you have to remember is that these types of planes are for fun and looks, and typically have little flight capability. Which is understandable. If you look at the aerodynamics of a real fighter jet and a glider you quickly see significant design differences. The jet designs work only because of their powerful thrust. Without such thrust they don’t create enough lift at slower speeds to remain aloft. Gliders on the other hand, require relatively little air speed because their design maximizes the available wind for lift. Granted, they gliders are light as a feather, but the design is everything. A similar weighted plane using the design of a fighter jet still wouldn’t fly at slow speed.

You likely landed here searching for how to make a paper fighter jet, but its important to discuss the issue of flight because for most of us that’s precisely why we do it. If you look at the world champion paper planes, like the oneDollar Bill Paper Fighter Jet thrown by Joe Ayoob (and designed by John Collins) which flew 69.14 meters (226 feet 10 inches), or the time aloft record holder Takuo Toda whose plane flew for 27.9 in 2009, they are true paper airplanes that were built to fly, not look pretty.

But if you are specifically looking for looks, the F15 by Tadashi below, or the one I linked to at WonderHowTo, or you can go really cool and make this dollar bill paper fighter jet.




How to make an F15 Eagle Jet Fighter Paper Plane (Tadashi Mori)

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