Paper Airplane Competition

This is the time of year when people are having a paper airplane competition or some other kind of event to get children and families outside, together. If your area doesn’t have anything like this, then take the lead and get one going. You would be surprised at how many people love to fly paper planes and compete against one another.

This weekend there will a paper airplane competition at the Bayside Park in Chula Vista. Kids will come from all over to help in the 41st Hobie Classic, and they’ll also have some time for fun as they crease paper and go head to head in their own “1st Annual Padilla Paper Airplane Competition”.  Designed for fun and family, the competition will judge the planes on three categories: Flight, design and artistic flair. Winners will receive cool gift certificates to Blick’s Art Supplies.

There are many other cities and towns hosting their own events. Scholastic has a really good resource called “The National Paper Airplane Contest,” and in it they provide

Paper Airplane Competition

Scholastic National Paper Airplane Competition

all the information you would need to start your own competition locally, in school, through your Boy or Girl Scouts, your church, or just on your own. Another resource for information on setting up a contest can be found at While they have a slant towards Origami, this link is to their page on the event they held last year and should be helpful to you.

Paper Airplane Competition

Start Your Own

In order to start your own paper airplane club or contest, you can start by partnering with local civic organizations which are known to be committed to community and family. Groups like the Lions Club, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce and Shriners are all a great place to go for help in organizing an event.

In this day and age its really simple to get the word out. You can start by using Craigslist, local papers and of course television and radio outlets… they LOVE to talk about new community events and you’re almost assured airtime. Next you can take full use of social media and start a Facebook or Twitter campaign. Set up a page specifically for the new paper airplane competition or your new club, and then every time you talk about, mention or promote it be certain to post the link to the Fanpage.

Next, to garner even more excitement in your contest or club, approach local businesses and ask them if they would help you by donating items for the prizes. You will be very surprised to find that almost every single business that you approach will be willing to help in one way or another. Even Walmart stores have a portion of their annual budgets set aside to help local groups and organizations in their communities (at least they used to). Having prizes that you can announce with your event will ensure that you get a huge turnout.

Finally, be sure and come back here and post a comment on our site and let us know if our ideas were a help at all, and how your club or contest is going. And MAKE SURE that you send us any pictures or details you have about your events, including winners, planes, etc… and we would love to share them with everyone. Also, if you have an event you want publicized send us the details and we’ll gladly post it here. And if there’s anything we can do to help you along, be sure to let us know; just use the Contact Us tab on the upper right portion of the screen, and put Paper Airplane Competition in the subject field.

Check out this video of the Red Bull Paper Wings World Final 2012

World Championship Paper Plane Contest - Red Bull Paper Wings 2012

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