Inaugural Post By The Mafia Crew

How’ya doin? This site has been a long time in the planning, then of course there was the fuss with setting up a new webhost, the blog, etc… But here we are!

There are lots of questions that people have, and hopefully we were able to answer some of those in our “About Us” page. But the bottom line is that we’ve set out to establish the most popular site dedicated to teaching people how to make a paper airplane. Which brings us to the most obvious question, why?

As you may have already found out, there aren’t too many sites that have both lots of useful information AND a fun place to hang out. To the first, most of the sites are sparse, meaning they only offer a few, or a dozen, different types of paper airplanes. The very few that do have somewhat more information are either boring or difficult to understand, or their information just doesn’t get the job done. No one wants to spend an hour trying to figure out how someone made a certain fold. Because of that our aim is to have written instructions whenever possible, and also photo images and a video showing how to make each plane we highlight. The end result should be a very robust and large database of paper airplane designs.

To the other point about the “fun place to hang out,” it dawned on us that there must be lots of people (there are, in fact) who are interested in paper airplanes specifically, but paper crafts in general, who would like to share ideas and experiences, and sometimes just shoot the fanabola. That’s why we encourage you to leave comments, and join our forum.Paper Plane Mafia Airplane And Swoosh

Ok, so why all the Mafia talk? As we mentioned in our About page, its all about the fun, and creating that sense of family. We wanted to create a Brand that was easily recognizable and that you would remember… you won’t forget Paper Plane Mafia, right? And let’s face it, who doesn’t love ’em some mafiosi?

But back to the mission of this website…. in order for us to achieve our goal of becoming the “go to” site for learning how to make a paper airplane we need the support of our readers. That means sharing posts with your friends, linking to us on your website, sending Tweets or Facebook likes, pinning our posts on Pinterest, subscribing to our YouTube Channel… there are lots of ways that you can help, and we hope you will.

In return, we promise to do our best to live up to our mission and provide the very best tutorials and guides on making paper airplanes. If there’s something you want help with, or a design you want to see, let us know. Have you created one you want to share? Let us know, and send us instructions, photos and/or a video and we’ll share it with everyone (giving you credit). While we’re officially open now, we still have some things to tweak and work out, so please be patient. It helps us and you when you subscribe to our blog… you’ll receive an e-mail notice each time a new post is up, and we’ll have an idea of how many readers we have. We do not spam, that’s a promise. We will also be sponsoring giveaways and contests so subscribing keeps you in the loop, too.

Alright, time for a pizzolino. We’ll keep the posts coming and you keep coming back…gabish’?

Image Copyright by Paper Plane Mafia

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