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Paper Airplanes For Kids

The Swashbuckler

Paper Airplanes For KidsIf you’re trying to learn how to make paper airplanes for kids then this may be your plane. The Swashbuckler is a typically shaped glider and is really simple to both build and fly, and is one of the best paper airplanes that fly far. Having built paper airplanes for many years this seems to be a mostly common design with some variation folds. I’m not exactly sure of the origin of this design, though you can find it in the Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes, which I really like and recommend for anyone wanting to learn about the hobby and find some cool designs, but it’s especially helpful for kids. 

Klutz Book of Paper AirplanesKlutz Book of Paper AirplanesRead Amazon Reviews


What I really like is that this plane is relatively simple to build right and to get it to fly the way you want it to. Many paper airplanes require a little finesse to get them to fly right, and for kids that can be frustrating. Like us, they want long distance paper airplanes that fly far time after time. It doesn’t have to be a world record paper airplane, but nothing is more discouraging for children (with their short attention spans) that building something that fails to work correctly.

Paper airplane flight has everything to do with design and how well the plane takes advantage of things like lift and reduces the effects of gravity.  This paper airplane with its weight forward construction and wing area does a great job. In fact it’s one of the best planes that you can build if you’re looking for one that is quick and easy and which will likely beat your friends in a competition for airtime. Sure, there are others which do better, but for a quick build this one is tops, and it’s my top choice for paper airplanes for kids.

And while we’re talking about it, be sure to have your child watch the video on my article about the world’s biggest paper airplane, a whopping 45-Foot Paper Airplane that was designed by a 12 year old boy and which actually flew at over 2,700 feet and at speeds topping 98 miles per hour! Incredible. There’s also a great deal of printable patterns for paper airplanes that you can get for free, online. The Fun Stuff page at the University of Kansas is a great resource, so be sure to check it out.

If you haven’t seen the Kultz Book of Paper Airplanes for kids then let me tell you that for children there isn’t a better book you can buy. In fact, while it’s apparently designed to engage children, the information and instructions/examples will be helpful to anyone, regardless of age, who likes to build paper airplanes and wants to learn how to build and fly the best. Here’s a picture of the types of planes that the book contains, and you can click it for a full review.

Children and Paper Airplanes

How To Make The Swashbuckler Paper Airplane

Paper Airplanes For Kids

Since this is about paper airplanes for kids I’ve taken some simple photos of the steps required to make it, and later I’ll add a video as well. I admit that some of the folds could’ve been better, but I didn’t have a lot of time when putting this together. As you’ll see when you’re following the instructions below, this one is so easy and children of almost every age will find it fun; it really is one of the best flying, yet easy paper airplane designs.

One of the reasons that the Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes is so popular is that it truly does inspire kids to learn about flight (science) and have fun while doing it. Anyway, let’s walk through this picture tutorial and you’ll see how simple this is. Click on the first image and a larger lightbox will open where you can scroll through the images one at a time… it’ll make following along much more simple.

Finally, if you’re really serious about finding fun crafts for your kids (or yourself), you’ll love the paracord bracelet tutorials and ideas over at Paracord Bracelet HQ.



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